Heart, Mind & Soul
Thank you for visiting our site. Please review the information below which we hope will give you a better sense regarding our programs. If you know of a teen or young adult that you feel might benefit from a Heart, Mind & Soul experience, please feel free to contact us for further information!
Our Mission:

The mission of Heart, Mind & Soul is to make a positive difference in the lives of Jewish teenagers and young adults. Through interactive and engaging programs that build safety, promote introspection, and teach valuable intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, Heart, Mind & Soul seeks to raise the self-esteem and motivation of our youth, increase hope, and encourage them to develop a greater willingness to accept personal and communal responsibility.

Heart, Mind & Soul is a Shabbaton program that blends a traditional youth group-style environment with an experiential workshop focusing on issues of self-esteem, hope, and motivation. The workshop portion of the program has been developed in collaboration with a team of youth workers, Rabbis, and mental health professionals, and it is run in conjunction with Global Relationship Centers, a Texas-based company specializing in developing such programs.

Heart, Mind & Soul is not therapy. For those who would best be served by ongoing counseling and treatment, Heart, Mind & Soul is designed to function as a bridge to therapy rather than a replacement. In all cases, it serves to function as a vehicle to enhance self-knowledge and self-acceptance; encourage self-sufficiency and self-management; teach hopefulness; and to empower teens to identify, clarify, and pursue their own personal goals.

The workshop is based heavily on the work of Dr. Alfred Adler and Dr. Rudolph Dreikers, and a heavy emphasis is placed on what Adler called Gemeinschaftsgefuehl, usually translated as "social interest" or "feeling of community." According to Adler, "a social person is much closer to happiness than the isolated person striving for superiority... This sense of belonging that cannot be denied anyone, against which there are no arguments, can only be won by being involved, by cooperating, and experiencing, and by being useful to others. Out of this emerges a lasting, genuine feeling of worthiness" (Adler, Einf?║hrung in die neuere Psychologie, 1926). It is clear how Adler's beliefs are synergistic with the timeless wisdom of the Torah and its stress on Areivut; these concepts are core to the Heart, Mind & Soul workshop.

Heart, Mind & Soul also utilizes a strengths-based approach. It is designed to be an encouraging, fun, and meaningful group experience for teens and young adults.

We would be happy to share complete program details with you. For more specific information, please download our newly-revised and expanded Heart, Mind & Soul explanatory document or contact us.