Heart, Mind & Soul
Our Board of Directors:
Sandy Trencher, President
Rabbi Shimmy Trencher, Treasurer
Chanokh Berenson
Charlotte Block
Donald Feldman
Rabbi Cary Friedman
Ezra Greenfeld
Tamar Kairy
Mark Trencher

Rabbi Shimmy Trencher, LCSW-C is the founder of Heart, Mind & Soul. He is a Jewish educator and social worker who has spent over 20 years working with Jewish children and teens in a variety of settings. Rabbi Trencher currently serves as the Principal of the Rabbi Moshe H. Levinson Upper School of the Berman Hebrew Academy in Rockville, Maryland. He holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from University of Connecticut, with a certification in mental health and substance abuse in social work practice. Rabbi Trencher also served as the Assistant Director of New England Region NCSY for seven years and as Dean of Students of Hebrew High School of New England for ten years, and he has served on the staff of Yachad Greater Hartford Jewish Community High School (now JTConnect) for twelve years. Rabbi Trencher is also a trained instructor of Redirecting Children's Behavior. Rabbi Trencher founded Heart, Mind & Soul in 2003, and though he is no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of the organization, Rabbi Trencher currently serves as a board member and advisor.

Pam Dunn is President of Your Infinite Life Training and Coaching Company and has close to 20 years experience in teaching work based on cognitive psychology models. Ms. Dunn has developed numerous programs for teens at risk and the general young adult population, and she has been instrumental in developing and refining the Heart, Mind & Soul program. Ms. Dunn also has developed other workshops and groups that are utilized by the St. Louis, Missouri Court System.